Merry Christmas!

As Christmas Eve falls upon us again and we each repeat our holiday traditions. (Some of us in a not so jolly disposition) Take a moment to stop, take a breath, and take it all in. Remember those you love, those who couldn’t make it for a visit, and those no longer with us. These are the days that will become memories. Those little babes in diapers will grow up and have babes of their own. One day you will no longer be able to pick up those tiny bodies and dangling limbs and whisk them off to bed. One day you will sing them a final lullaby, until they tell you they no longer need your sweet serenades to fall asleep. One day those tiny hands and sticky fingers will no longer fit inside yours. So, in those moments of frustration that come with the holidays take a moment to see how blessed you are. Tell your parents how much they are loved. Kiss your babies sweet little faces and enjoy their bright eyes of wonder this holiday season. Time changes ALL things. Savor it! Above all else thank God for all He does and gives!

A very Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year Friends!!!


Pet -A Funny Rhyme or Two

I want to keep you as a pet
To come to me at my behest
To dream of me all the day long
To be here at my beckon call

I want to keep you as a pet
To laugh at my comedic fret
To clean my house and smile at me
To be whatever I ask you to be

I want to keep you as a pet
To work and pay off all my debt
To massage me twice a day
And not expect me to repay

So what if they’re absurdities, ridiculous as they may seem
O’ come on boys, a girl can dream.


Cold Winter Day

©2017 C. Clary

When winter dew kisses the earth,

My fatigued soul will long for mirth.

Frigid reminder of what could have been.

A constant pain from deep within.

My body aching, searching for yours.

To touch would be the cause of wars.

To kiss those silken lips so sweet.

To love you with unbridled heat.

But all will end in travesty,

For we both know my history.

There is a heavy price to pay,

For a love that bloomed one cold winter day.

– Clary

The End

It’s over now.

I ripped you from my life.

You were woven in so tightly for so long.

I didn’t think I could hold it together without you there.

I didn’t think I’d survive it.

I miss you at times.

We were best friends.

I thought by some miracle we still would be,

But I don’t know you anymore.

What has passed is always faded by what is present.

I left you.

I knew you would move on,

I knew you’d be okay without me.

Sometimes I question if I did the right thing,

But I was miserable.

I went over all the reasons,

All the, “what if’s”.

It just wasn’t enough.

It never would have been enough.

You weren’t enough.

And I guess that’s wrong of me to say.

After fifteen years without saying it.

It’s crowded here in my head.

My mind and heart battle each other.

I find myself alone without direction.

Yet somehow,

Life finally makes sense.

– Clary


©2019 CMBClary

The vibration of the washer through the wall makes the bed ripple beneath me. My thoughts scatter like shredded paper and I struggle to pick them up and make something coherent of them. All the want of being alone, when I finally am, the desire to produce eludes me. A slight ringing in my ear reminds me these moments are few and far between, like the buzzing of a timer. But I’ve lost interest, in this paper, in writing, in speaking, or creating anything of worth. So I sit here in my silence waiting, pleading, hoping, inspiration will find its way to me again.


The Spaces In-between


so full at times,

Even all the spaces in-between.

A fullness that inundates every crevice.

This too will pass.

Soft skin to folds of leathery lines,

Strong steady hands to trembling decline.

Golden locks to un-kept silver strands.

And time,

While filled with too much, still insatiable.

Do not grow weary of your busy day,

Soon those spaces will empty.

And Time,

Our companion and our adversary,

Will pause for you.

Soon, that which it gifted will be taken back,

And this world will continue without you.

– Clary

Thought of the Day

I mostly think that everyone falls on hard times. Even then, being worried that I’ve run out of Dom Perignon would be far less stressful than finding out I’ve just run out of toilet paper and only have a $1.15 to my name. Yes that seems like an extreme, but for many that is reality. I remember being told “There is always someone worse off than you”, So when life seemed to be especially kicking my ass, which was often, I use to tell myself that. Since then I have come to the realization that my situation may not be as bad as others, but it is MINE, and that is enough. All of this to say, life is short and everyone is fighting their own battles…

don’t be an asshole.

Poetic Curse

©2010 B. Clary

I often think in poetry.

It is a curse my own disease.

To look upon a tree in awe,

Its gnarled roots in winters thaw.

The rolling hills, flowers in sync,

Petals so soft like lips of pink.

A splash of blue upon the sky,

As feathered clouds lazily float by.

The birds they sing in happy tune,

From dawn until the light of moon.

To look upon two lovers kiss,

To know what warmth comes with its bliss.

Sadly a darker half we hide

Poetic curses have two sides

The same tree withers in its loss,

No sign of life, not even moss.

The rolling hills, shallow grave sites,

Reminders of life’s restless plight.

Now only gray blankets the air,

The howling wind clings on despair,

All chirping now has come to cease,

The darkness brings its eerie peace.

Those lovers, yes we see them now,

Adulterous, they break their vows.

I often think in poetry.

My gift, my curse, un-spurned disease.